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The Vestry of Grace and St. Stephen's

Our vestry is a Christ-centered leadership group that holds legal and fiscal responsibility for the property and budget of the church under Colorado nonprofit law, and serves in a consultative role with the rector in other matters of parish life.

Annual Meeting Scheduled for Sun., Jan. 28, 2018

Please join us on Sun., Jan. 28 following one, single service at 10 am for this important time of holy organization! 

Business includes the election of three vestry members. The slate of nominees has been set and includes

Michael Berniger, Jim Hinkle and Mary Roney

To vote, you must be an adult communicant in good standing as defined by the Canons: “who has regularly attended parish worship services & has been a contributor of record during the 12 months prior...” If you can’t be here to vote on Sun., Jan. 28 please contact for an absentee ballot.

Vestry Meetings and Current Vestry Members

Vestry meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month, beginning at 6:15 pm. All members of the parish are invited to attend. Minutes from the vestry meetings are posted in the Blaik Library.

The current vestry includes:

David Buckley, Senior Warden (719) 338-0600

Bobbie Bradford, Junior Warden (719) 667-1555

David Brockway, Treasurer (719) 963-0790

Chuck Theobald,  Clerk (719) 201-7642

Tanya Anderson, (719) 660-1635

Ed Brown (719) 475-9490

Amy Duell (719) 659-7620

Gilbert Ekholm (719) 522-1976

Larry Gaddis (719) 634-2374

Lisa Jackson (217) 412-9638                                                                         

Chris Novak (503) 530-9194

Denise Sanders (719) 201-3814

Fran Zankowski (719) 200-1308