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lilac2.jpgWelcome to Grace and St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church. 

No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, we welcome you to the Grace and St. Stephen’s community. We invite you to experience God’s grace among us, and join us in offering this grace to others.

We experience this rich spirituality in many ways:

•    shared worship
•    in community and fellowship
•    working to make our world a better place

Programs for children, youth and adults  provide opportunities for all to find a home and a calling in our parish and the greater world.  

We look forward to learning more about you and welcoming you here.


mouse2.jpgSunday Services:

8 am            Holy Eucharist with music
10:30 am     Holy Eucharist with choir
10:30 am     Wee Worship (2nd Sunday of the month, Children’s Chapel) 
8 pm            Contemplative Choral Compline (last Sunday of the month)

Weekday services:

Monday, 11:30 am:  Mid-Day Prayer & Anglican Rosary

Tuesday, 9 am: Morning Prayer

Wednesday, 5 pm: Holy Eucharist

Thursday, 12 pm: Public Service of Healing & Holy Eucharist

Friday, 12 pm: Chanted Monastic Prayer


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The church and office are located at 601-631 North Tejon Street, between Monument and Willamette Streets.

Street parking abounds around the church. On Sundays, there is no fee for metered spaces. Handicap parking spots are located near the corner of N. Tejon St. and Monument St., with wheelchair access located at the northeast corner of the church building.


On Sundays centuries-old rituals and God’s message of hope and love combine to inspire and challenge us to face a noisy, complicated world with grace and love.

We welcome you to participate in and experience a transformative order of worship, beautiful choral music, vibrant congregational singing, and inspiring sounds from the organ. The order for the service--prayers, hymns and lessons—are provided in a bulletin so that all may participate as they wish.

At the 10:30 am service, children join the a member of the clergy for the children’s sermon after Sunday School, and then join their families for the remainder of the service.

Following either service, hospitality hour in the parish hall gives everyone a chance to connect with old friends, make new ones and weave more threads into the fabric of our parish life.

Ushers at the back of the church are available at anytime to answer any questions. We hope you will help us welcome you personally by completing the Contact Us form.


At Grace and St. Stephen’s children are welcomed! Yes, children are invited to every worship service.  Our family-oriented programs include:

•    Breakfast Club, each Sunday morning from 9:15 am to 10:15 in Taft Hall
•    Children's Sunday School, for ages 3-12 begins at 10:15 every Sunday morning.
•    Wee Worship, a service designed for families with children 0-6 years old

Children from 3 months to 3 years of age may join the nursery, which is located in the education wing south of the main worship sanctuary. Please follow signs located in the hallways to find our nursery. Upon arrival you will need to sign-in and receive a pager to be in communication with Nursery staff.

We look forward to meeting you. Please let us know who you are, how to reach you and what more we can share about Grace and St. Stephen's with you by completing the Contact Us form.




Youth Programs

Youth at Grace

For young people today, the world is a noisy, distracted place. For many, it can also be a confusing place. It can be difficult to find time, space and trusted resources to explore what it means to live in faith and how Jesus’ lessons can apply in today’s multi-media, marketing-driven world.


It’s this challenge that the Youth Group program at Grace and St. Stephen’s is committed to meeting. We're rethinking our youth programs and how they can be designed to meet the needs of our youth at each stage in the journey from childhood to adulthood. Recognizing that each age group is diverse in spiritual, educational, and social needs, we're excited to introduce a new approach.

jolt-logo.jpgFirst, building from the bottom up is key to starting things off right for our youth. We're launching a "pre-youth group" gathering for 4th and 5th graders, called Jolt. This group aims to jump start relationships with one another, through fellowship, fun, music and team-building exercises. They meet on the first Friday evening of the month.

Here's Katie's take on Jolt "There are lots of fun things about JOLT! First, we sing songs that Ms. Bonnie teaches us, and we make things from church (like the Lord's Prayer) into songs. Then we play fun games like the Trust Game (with blindfolds!) and even foosball. We usually eat pizza and salad for dinner. The games and songs have a topic of some kind. For example, when we were playing the trust game, the topic was that Jesus trusted Peter even though Peter betrayed him three times. At the end we might play some more foosball before it's time to leave. Because of all these epic things, I give JOLT a five-star rating!"


Blast, the youth group for middle schoolers (6th-8th grades) are just back from their summer mission trip to Steamboat Springs. Here's what Gabi, in 8th grade had to say about her experience:

"So, I've never done a mission trip before. I have to say it was one of the best things I've ever done. The first hour or so everybody is a little bit socially awkward, just hanging out with people from their own church groups. Then, Catie Robertson, the priest of St. Paul's in Steamboat Springs, did games and everybody is forced to talk to each other and break out of their shell. Like all things you do, you'll meet people who you like and not so much. But everyone is really nice.

The first day of working was the hardest. We had to rake and shovel uneven dirt that was also pretty hard. And we also had to move logs that were really heavy. The second day was easy for my group we just had to walk around campsites and pick up trash. You find some weird things that people leave behind. The third and fourth are the best. Everyone has broken out of their shell of awkwardness and you realize you've made some really good friends. The last day we all just went shopping and had a good time. After that was the time of goodbyes and parting with newly-made friends. A mission trip is an amazing thing to do, and I think everybody should go on one just to try it out."

These kids are full of energy and are eager for experiences that help them discover themselves and their world, in relationship to their faith. They have tough questions and loads of curiosity so our time together will be used to explore those topics. There will be time for conversation, and to get out and dig deeper into our spirits through different activities and experiences. 

strizel-aftershock-logo_resized.jpgFinally, we've chosen Aftershock as the nickname for our high school group (9th-12th grades). This group faces heavy demands in their lives: homework, extracurricular activities, applying for college, perhaps working part-time. This is a time where being together, relaxing, and reconnecting with their community of faith is important to rejuvenate their spirits and get them through the week. The atmosphere will be calmer, engendering elements of faith exploration and navigating this time in their lives, coming out stronger in the end, and being ready to move on into "the real world" with a strong sense of self and faith.
Please encourage your youth to come be with us! For young adults in grades 4-8, contact Bonnie Price, middle school youth minister at youth@gssepiscopal.org and for high-school-aged youth, contact Fr. Brendan at fatherbrendan@gssepiscopal.org with any questions.

Our Youth Group is a community where each one is a gift and a blessing to all, simply for being here.
Youth Committee

From chaperoning mission trips and events to exploring new ideas and opportunities to grow and strengthen our youth ministries and sometimes just proving a sounding board in conversations, the members of the Youth Committee support the Youth Group in many ways. New volunteers are always welcome. Please contact youth@gssepiscopal.org for more information.

Youth Confirmation

Through the rite of Confirmation, the work of God in baptism is confirmed by the gift of the Holy Spirit through prayer and the laying on of hands by the bishop. Candidates for Confirmation make a public affirmation of their faith and must be at least 16 years of age by the time of the Confirmation rite.

Preparation for Confirmation for youth takes place during the year on a monthly basis in conjunction with other Episcopal Churches throughout the Pikes Peak region. This is important because candidates are confirmed into the Episcopal tradition and not the life of a particular parish. Confirmation preparation focuses on Scripture, service and the life of the baptized, mission and community, prayer, Episcopal Church structure, the Book of Common Prayer, and faith in practice.

Please contact the church office for more information about confirmation.