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Pastoral Care

Sharing God's Grace with Others

At Grace and St. Stephen's, caring for one another in times of need is an important part of how we live out our mission to bear witness to God's grace in the world. A team made up of clergy and lay ministers provide a wide range of support and resources, from meals to daily prayers and more.

More Info?

Please contact Cindy Page, Parish Nurse at (719) 328-1125, ext. 310  or


  • Community of Hope International

    In 2017, we're building this lay-led pastoral care team, guided by the Rule of St. Benedict, and especially his call to cultivate balance and harmony in prayer, worship, silence, holy reading, and serving others. Ultimately, trained care givers will extend the capacity of our parish to nurture a community centered on spiritual encouragement, grace, comfort and hope. Contact: Cindy Page

  • Daughters of the King

    The Angels of Grace Chapter of the Daughters of the King plays an important role in intercessory prayer for our church, clergy and parishioners in need of special prayers for recovery, healing and peace. Members complete a period of discernment in which they explore and commit to a life of daily prayer. Contact: Vicki Swanson Spellman

  • Lay Eucharist Visitors

    LEVs bring the sacramental presence of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to members of our parish who cannot come to church at regular service times because of illness or infirmity. Contact: Cindy Page

  • Transportation

    Members provide transportation to church services on Sunday mornings to parishioners who are unable to drive for age-related or medical reasons. Contact: Anna Johnson