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Helen Hazelton

helen-staff-small.jpgHELEN HAZLETON

Director of Children's Programs | 719-328-1125 ext 309

To Helen’s way of thinking, we could all learn a lot from watching and listening to children about what it means to have faith. This philosophy is at the heart of Helen’s directorship of children’s programs here at Grace and St. Stephen’s—creating experiences for children that nurture, teach and share the pure, simple and unquestioning trust that God loves and cares for us all. Her creativity, energy and enthusiasm for working with children can be seen in Sunday School classes, the Children’s Garden, the Christmas Pageant, at the butterfly release on Pentecost and more. She grew up at Grace and St. Stephen’s, was married here and had her three children baptized and confirmed here. Helen currently is the assistant director of Get-Set Preschool at First Presbyterian Church where each day she finds more inspiration.