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Living In Community

As brothers and sisters in the family of God, we come together for many reasons, in many spaces at many times.  Grace and St. Stephen’s offers  a wide range of programs for gathering to share friendship over a meal, to discuss Scripture or to pray. All are welcome to join, bringing their own experiences and perspectives on joys, sorrows and every day moments of life to enrich others and refresh themselves.

More Info?

Please contact the Church Office at (719) 328-1125 or EMAIL US.


  • Young Adults

    Join others in their 20’s and 30’s for fellowship, fun, food and more. Contact: Ellie HInkle

  • Grace Singles

    Singles of all ages gather for adventures, to share food and beverages and for good works. Contact: Marilyn Twaites

  • Saturdays Men's Bible Study Group
    7:15 am
    Weir Conference Room

    If you are interested in studying God's word, guy fellowship, a good breakfast and potfuls of coffee, join us as we focus on a book from our Lord's word and passionately study it chapter-by-chapter. Wit, debate and discussion are encouraged. Contact: Steve Starr

  • Metanoia at Colorado College

    Join Metanoia at Colorado College to explore the hard questions about reality, living the 'good life', what influences your choices and how to reconcile the intense demands and isolationism of life in contemporary American society with the deeper human needs for spiritual fulfillment and loving community. All are welcome, wherever they may be in their spiritual journeys, to experience the profound value and beauty of a community of spiritual practice and shared inquiry. Contact: The Rev. Brendan E. Williams, CSJC

  • LGBT at GSSE

    With strong clergy support a new LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Questioning) group was formed in June 2017. The group, which continues to form, sees itself as offering both support and social functions, as well as providing a safe place to gather. We normally meet for lunch once a month following the 10:30 Sunday service. Contact: Bill Oliver

  • Tuesdays Women's Fellowship & Book Study
    9:30 am
    Rm 211

    Looking for a place to connect with other women in the church? Hoping to engage in meaningful, thought-provoking discussion of current spiritual, social, and cultural issues? We are excited to announce a new women's fellowship and study featuring books written by Christian women authors! Join us Tuesday mornings at 9:30 am. Childcare available; please contact Nicole in advance. Contact: Nicole Hensel


    With three Air Force bases and the US Army’s Ft. Carson many families call this home….for a while. It can be tough getting grounded quickly in a new place. This group is here to help you connect with people who are in the best position to understand what you’re experiencing and help you find your way in so many ways. Contact Bonnie Price


    Organized loosely around zip codes, these groups wonderful opportunities to get to know one another, discover unsuspected common experiences, or be surprised by the wide range of diversity and talent in our church. They can also be a natural source of comfort and support in difficult times, and a community to share joy and celebrate good news. Contact: Anna Johnson

  • St. Chrysostom's Guild

    Formed in the early 1940s, this women's fellowship group gathers quarterly for social and spiritual time. Named for St. Chrysostom, the patron saint of clergy, famous for his eloquence and his golden tongue, the meetings feature speakers and study of the history and tradition of the Episcopal Church. Contact: Marti Lindberg