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Jazz in the Garden

Jazz in the Garden 2021 Season

We’re excited to present our summer season for 2021, and to announce that Jazz in the Garden will be back in OUR garden this year. 

Because COVID-19 is still with us, there are some changes to note as you prepare to join us live and in-person.

The season begins on June 11; concerts take place every two weeks through Sept. 3

You're welcome to enter the garden after 6 pm. 

We ask that if you enter the building to use the facilities that you please cover your nose and mouth, especially out of love for the children and youth who may be present and are not yet vaccinated.  

All guests are welcome to bring a picnic and beverages (we hope to restore our outstanding beverage season some time this season).

In the event of rain, the performance will be cancelled.  If possible, cancelled concerts will be rescheduled on a Friday between scheduled concerts. 

Thank you for your patience and support as we navigate the return of Jazz in the Garden for in-person listening.  And an extra shout out to Jazz 93.5 as they continue to broadcast each Jazz in the Garden concert this season. 

To watch a sampling of last season's highlights click here.


Donations Welcome

Jazz in the Garden is a self-funded program, run solely by volunteers. As such, we rely heavily on the generosity of those who kindly "drop a dollar (or more )" into the pitcher at the beverage table to cover performer costs. If you are able, please make a contribution electronically here.

ALL money raised here will be solely used to pay for this season's concert series. Thank you in advance for your generosity and your support of "hot tunes in your cool garden."

Want to receive a notice when we update our schedule each season, and an email about each concert? Just click here, click on the Sign Up button, enter your name and email and select Jazz. We promise that we will send one email a few days before each concert, and that we do not share email addresses or send you information you have not signed up for. Honest!