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Taylor Organ

A Special Part of Our Music and Worship

The Taylor Memorial Organ was built by the Welte Organ Company of New York, New York in 1928. The instrument was a gift of Mrs. Alice Bemis Taylor, who was “persuaded by the rector and organist that a splendid organ for Grace Church would be an addition to the community as well as a fitting memorial” to her husband, Frederick Morgan Taylor. For the most part, the specifications of the instrument remain intact from the original project.

The overall style of the instrument is Romantic, meaning that the design creates a warm, rich sound with many orchestral colors, making it highly suitable for use with the Anglican liturgy. In 1998, the organ was selected for recognition as an instrument of exceptional historic merit, worthy of preservation by the Organ Historical Society.

The organ has four manuals (keyboards): Solo, Swell, Great and Choir (from top to bottom on the console); the façade pipes seen in the nave of the church are purely for architectural purposes and the few independent pedal stops are spread between manual divisions. In fact, every speaking pipe of the instrument is enclosed behind shutters, presenting the organist with many expressive possibilities.

In total, there are 55 stops and 3,994 pipes.

As is true with any instrument of this quality, caliber and age, the restoration and reconditioning never ends. Donations of any size are gratefully accepted; please mail your contribution to Grace and St. Stephen's, 601 N. Tejon St., Colorado Springs, CO 80903 and note in the memo line that your generous gift should be directed to the Organ Restoration Fund.